Thatcher's Story

Thatcher's Story
I didn't want this to get lost in my list of posts, so I am creating a place so that everyone can easily access this link. Please read this touching story about baby Thatcher, our friends son who was born with a rare liver disease and is in need of a liver transplant. Jessie has worked closely with Brad for over 4 years and I became friends with her while working at WSA until I left last spring. Thatcher was born a month before Braden and this story really hits home for me. When I look at Braden I think about how incredibly lucky I am. This could just as easily be our him going through this. Jessie will most likely be the living donor for Thatcher and they are in need of our prayers! I promise you will be touched by reading this story. Thanks!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Connor's first T-Ball practice

We finally got Connor signed up to play t-ball this year. He is playing in a league with 3-4 year olds. Connor is ready for coach pitch but we weren't sure about him being in a league with 5-6 year olds, since he just turned 4. We have been working with him and he does pretty well at hitting, but needs a little work catching. He can throw pretty well too. We also had a hard time deciding what kind of glove to buy since we still aren't sure if he is going to be a lefty or not. He uses both hands to do just about everything but does hit right handed.
Connor did so well at the practice and really impressed us all. Just look at the pictures. I know I am a little biased but he really does look like he knows what he is doing. Ha! He went after every ball that was hit and dove in the dirt for most of them. Lol! Pop's told him that he definitely looked like he played the hardest out there because he was the dirtiest. Ha! I got there like 5 minutes late because of Braden but I was told that he hit really good too. This is why there are no pics of him hitting. He almost filled the stands with spectators...Grandy, Grandma, Grannie, Pops, Mommy, and Braden were all there to watch. Daddy is helping the coach so he was out on the field. I tried to talk him into to coaching but he told me he really didn't have the patience for this age group. Ha! It is going to be a fun summer!

He looks very determined here.
Dusting the dirt off of his pants from his dirt slides.

Braden was really impressed with their grass. ha!
Grandy and Braden
Doesn't he look like a pro?

Grannie and Pops had a great time watching their oldest grandson play ball. They will have lots of ballgames to attend in their future with 3 grandboys!
Grannie and Braden


GrannieT said...

We had such a great time! Simply cannot wait until the next chance to watch.

Mr. and Mrs. Reckard said...

Oh my! He is a pro!!! He has to be the best baseball player we have EVER seen!!! Mom and Daddy have bragged and bragged on both Connor and Braden! I miss you guys! Hope to see you soon!